Great British 10p hunt!

Forget the annual Easter egg hunt, eager coin collectors will be sifting through their change in 2018 with the hope of collecting a full set of brand new 10p designs.

However, to collect the full set may take some work – with 26 new ten pence pieces entering circulation from today.

The Royal Mint told This is Money that the coins, which feature an A-Z of what makes Britain great, will only be handed out in change in the Post Office’s 11,500 branches. 

The designs start from A, the Angel of the North, to Z, the Zebra Crossing, ticking off each letter of the alphabet. It comes as numismatics – collecting coins – has boomed in popularity in recent years.

A contributing factor in this collecting surge happened after This is Money revealed the coins that can turn up in your change worth a pretty penny, which has been read millions of times since being published in 2016 and copied by our rivals.

The 10p coin hunt will be similar to the London 2012 Olympics 50p set. Some of these 50p coins are now sought after as people look to complete their collections.

The scarcest Olympics coin, depicting the football offside rule, now regularly sells for 20 times its face value online.

Anne Jessopp, chief executive at The Royal Mint told This is Money at the launch event yesterday in London that many have asked the organisation when a similar collection to the Olympics would happen ‘highlighting the popularity of coin collecting.’

We have been told that around 2.6million of the 10p coins will be minted – or around 100,000 of each 10p – but this could be higher, depending on demand. Many of the coins are likely to be saved by the public and taken out of circulation, meaning more could be made.

The low mintage figures mean some of the 10p coins could become collectors items in the future, considering that the rarest 50p coin – featuring the Kew Gardens pagoda, minted in 2009 – had a run of 210,000 and now sell for £70 upwards online.

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  1. Hi, Unclear as to how you obtain these coins. It says from the post office, but do you ask for them or do they just give them out in the form of change when you have purchased something?

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