tyne and wear metro

West Jesmond Metro station is one of three Tyne and Wear Metro stations that serve the suburb of Jesmond in Newcastle upon Tyne. West Jesmond is the busiest suburban station on the Metro network, with 966,467 annual passenger boardings in 1995-96,[1] which has further increased to over 1 million in 2008-9.[2]It was built by the North Eastern Railway company as a heavy rail station, and opened in December 1900[3] under the name ‘Moor Edge’. The station platforms are on opposite sides of the line and are linked by an underground pedestrian subway.

The platforms originally had glass awnings to shelter passengers, but these were removed in the 1970s. The sawn-off remnants of these awnings can still be seen attached to the station buildings.

The station closed in 1978 for conversion to Metro service, reopening in August 1980. The original station buildings were kept, but the platforms were shortened and a new footbridge was built over the line.

  1. Hi Simone, The picture house right side background, was the original picture house that closed in the mid 90’s. It lay derelict for a long time, but has now been turned in a Sainsbury

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