tyne and wear metro 4055

Not really related to the refurbishments but Metro 4055 have received a different voice to the PA and door’s closing tone, from the sounds of it, it sounds like that male voice that people on here may of heard when talking about the pop cards and the ticket gates/validators switch on. Slight difference noted that the ‘new’ announcements just start with “next station is” and not “the next station is” not sure if there were any other slight differences but no doubt Four Lane Ends will sound more accurate than in the past!

I wonder how long it will take before the female voice is replaced by the male voice across the fleet and I wonder if the female voice will be replaced on the station platform’s PA’s when a train is arriving in the future too.

Just to add, I caught this same set again but travelled a bit further than Gateshead to Haymarket and noted some fairly interesting differences between the announcements.

Central station is now apparently just Central, wonder if there is plan within the possible refurbishment of Central Station to rename it Central, either way, it seemed a bit odd hearing “This is Central”.

Slight changes for Monument too, the announcement said something like “Next station Monument, change here for Newcastle City Centre, Whitley Bay Via Wallsend and St James”*

And there was a slight but fairly interesting for Haymarket too. On the lines of “Next station is Haymarket, change here for Newcastle City Centre, shopping and local bus services”*

It was interesting shopping was added to the Haymarket announcement but I think there was a suggestion on the Nexus forums well in the past to include extras into the announcements like that so maybe they took the idea on board from the forums?

After hearing the announcements again, they do sound a bit out of sync like the female announcer but I’m sure the voice is a proper human voice and nothing automated.

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