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Soldiers were equipped with a variety of weaponry, including the grenade, at right. In a way, the grenade was the primary weapon of the infantry. It enabled a soldier to engage the enemy indirectly, but without a need for precision. The hand grenade is an old weapon, but had gone out of vogue by the First World War. The armies found that the hand grenade was suited for trench combat, and the grenade found a place on the battlefield again. Some grenades were home made, and called “Jam Pots.” They were sometimes made from old tin cans.

The machine gun was another weapon of trench warfare, and, often, the weapon we imagine when thinking of World War I. Combined with hand grenades, they ended the strategy of thoughtlessly charging the enemy, and the use of calvary on the battlefield. Assaulting the enemy became much more difficult as a result of these weapons.

Although not necessarily thought of as weaponry, barbed wire was an important part of trench warfare. It slowed the enemy in crossing the battlefield, and was an important defensive measure. They made the enemy much easier to cut down with machine guns and explosives

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