How did the soldiers and their families deal with World War 1?

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Some of the men fell to pieces because of the torment they went through and needed psychological help to recover from their experiences of war. Life was never the same for some of the men as they had constant ‘flashbacks’ and nightmares about the war. Others had life-long injuries from having their limbs blow off and other serious injuries. Men could be in shock or suffering from the gases that they were exposed to. Often this meant that soldiers were unable to the employment and lifestyle they had had before leaving for the War, adding depression and financial difficulties to the family situation. The women were forced to financially support their family as well as looking after the kids and at the same time care for their husband or son. This situation made life very difficult.

In conclusion, life was really hard for the soldiers and their families because of the torment they went through on the brutal battlefields of WWI. None of the soldiers were prepared for the torment, neither were their families truly able to understand the full effects of the War upon their loved ones. WWI ultimately ended in 1919 but not before the lives of millions of people had been change for ever

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