Wwe In Your House 7 1996 Good Friends Better enemies.

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IIn the final match to air live on pay-per-view, Diesel challenged WWE Champion Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred match. During Diesel’s entrance, Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, who lives in Omaha, was shown at ringside in the audience. The match began with Michaels entering the ring quickly, ducked a clothesline from Diesel, and nailed him with multiple right and left hands to the chin until Diesel connected hard with a high knee to his chest. Michaels recovered and knocked Diesel outside the ring and performed a moonsault from the top rope to Diesel while still out of the ring. Shawn then snatched a boot off of Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich, climbed the top rope, and hit Diesel in the head with it. Diesel soon got the upper-hand by knocking Shawn into the steel ringside barricade. Diesel controlled the match for several minutes before turning the match up a notch by taking the belt off the pants of referee Earl Hebner and choked Michaels with it. His next weapon of choice was a steel chair. Diesel continued his assault on Michaels when he powerbombed him through a ringside announcers table. Back-and-forth action started after Michaels managed to grab a fire extinguisher and sprayed Diesel in the face. Diesel eventually turned his sights to Vachon. He grabbed Vachon out of his chair and threw him to the floor. He then pulled off Vachon’s artificial leg and attempted to hit Michaels with it, but was hit with a low blow which allowed Michaels to grab the leg and nail Diesel with it. This set up sweet chin music and Michaels pinned Diesel to retain the WWE Championship.

Backstage, Dok Hendrix interviewed Paul Bearer and The Undertaker and announced that at next month’s In Your House, Goldust would defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Undertaker. After an interview of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Gorilla Monsoon announced that Shawn Michaels would defend his WWE Championship against the British Bulldog at next month’s PPV. During this announcement, Bulldog entered the room and shouted, “That dirty rotten pervert Shawn Michaels! He wants to sleep with my wife? I can’t wait for May 26! I’m gonna finish him right now!”, before storming off as the pay-per-view ended.

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