Wwe Survivor Series 1995.

The final match on the undercard was a four-on-four Survivor Series elimination match pitting Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog and Sycho Sid against Yokozuna, Owen Hart, the WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas. The tension arose between the two teams as heroes and villains were randomly distributed in both teams and the match was dubbed as a “Wildcard” match. The heroes and villains fought their own teammates as Ramon attacked his own teammate Douglas, allowing Michaels to eliminate him by pinning him with a roll-up. Sid was next on Michaels’ team to dominate Ramon and grabbed him for Michaels to perform a Superkick, which Michaels called Sweet Chin Music. Michaels tried to hit the move but Ramon ducked and Sid was hit instead, allowing Ramon to pin Sid for the elimination. Sid retaliated by performing a Powerbomb on Michaels. Johnson would then control the match as he eliminated Hart by performing a Sitout Double Underhook Powerbomb, which he called Pearl River Plunge. Ramon battled for his team and performed a Crucifix Powerbomb on Johnson, which he called Razor’s Edge. However, Bulldog tagged Johnson which meant that Johnson could not be eliminated. Ramon was distracted by Sycho Sid, 1-2-3 Kid and Ted DiBiase, allowing Bulldog to perform a Running Powerslam for the elimination. Yokozuna battled the opposing team as he was the remaining member on his team. Johnson powerslammed Yokozuna and tried to pin him but Bulldog broke up the pin to save his ally. This caused Michaels and Johnson to attack Bulldog. Michaels then performed a Sweet Chin Music on Yokozuna and Johnson performed a Diving Splash on Yokozuna to win the match. Michaels, Johnson and Bulldog survived on their team.

The main event was a No Disqualification match for the WWF Championship. Diesel defended the title against Bret Hart. As the match started, both wrestlers each untied a top turnbuckle. Hart focused on Diesel’s knee and mainly attacked there. The action spilled to the outside where Diesel dominated Hart until the two returned to the ring, where Diesel tried to perform a Release Powerbomb, which he called Jackknife Powerbomb but Hart attacked Diesel’s knee to get himself out of the move. Hart applied a Figure Four Leglock on Diesel and then attempted to apply his submission maneuver Sharpshooter but Diesel attacked Hart’s face and kicked him into the exposed corner. The match went back and forth with Hart mainly focusing on Diesel’s knee. The action spilled to the outside where both men attacked each other until Diesel rolled Hart into the ring and tried to perform a Jackknife Powerbomb but Hart was almost knocked out and collapsed. Diesel tried to pick him up again for the Jackknife Powerbomb but Hart hooked Diesel’s leg and rolled him into a small package, getting the pin and winning the championship. An angry Diesel hit two Jackknife Powerbombs on Hart after the match.Several departures took place after Survivor Series. Bam Bam Bigelow left WWF after losing to Goldust at Survivor Series and joined ECW in 1995. The WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze was booked for a rivalry against Aja Kong. On November 27 edition of Raw, Kong and Tomoko Watanabe defeated Blayze and Kyoko Inoue in a tag team match. It would turn out to be Blayze’s last appearance in WWF as she made a shocking appearance on December 18 edition of WCW Monday Nitro and dropped the Women’s Championship into a trashcan.

On November 6 edition of Raw, it had been announced by Camp Cornette’s lawyer Clarence Mason that the winner of the WWF Championship match between Diesel and Bret Hart at Survivor Series would defend the title against British Bulldog.[19] Since Hart won the title at Survivor Series, a title match was set up between Hart and Bulldog at In Your House 5. At In Your House 5, Hart defeated Bulldog to retain the WWF title.

Following the Survivor Series matchup, Diesel became a “tweener” saying that he would accept the support of fans who liked him, but didn’t care about the fans that didn’t. This attitude remained until shortly before In Your House 6 when Diesel lost a steel cage match against Bret Hart due to interference by The Undertaker. Not long after, Diesel broke ties with Shawn Michaels and remained a “heel” for the remainder of his WWF run.

Since 1-2-3 Kid had turned on Razor Ramon during his match against Sycho Sid by helping Sid win the match and join Million Dollar Corporation on November 13 edition of Raw, Ramon and Kid began a rivalry. Marty Jannetty also got involved in the rivalry as he was screwed out of the victory against 1-2-3 Kid at Survivor Series during Underdogs versus BodyDonnas match. On November 20 edition of Raw, Jannetty tried to attack Kid and his manager Ted DiBiase but received a Powerbomb by Sid. On November 27 edition of Raw, it was announced that Ramon and Jannetty would compete against Kid and Sid in a tag team match at In Your House 5. At In Your House 5, Ramon and Jannetty defeated Kid and Sid when Ramon pinned Sid.

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