Wwe Revenge Of The Taker In Your House 14 1997.

Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, The Sultan defeated Flash Funk at Free for All. The first match that aired live was a tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The champions Owen Hart and British Bulldog defended the titles against Legion of Doom Hawk and Animal. LOD won the match after a Doomsday Device on Bulldog and pinned him, but the match continued because Owen was the legal man in the ring. Bret Hart made a run-in during the match, however, and interfered by attacking the referee. Hart and Bulldog were disqualified and Legion of Doom won the match but did not become champions, because a title cannot change hands via disqualification. As a result, Hart and Bulldog retained their titles. The second live match was an Intercontinental Championship match between Savio Vega and the champion Rocky Maivia. Vega was supported by his stable Nation of Domination. During the match, Nation member Crush interfered and hit Maivia with a Heart Punch outside the ring. Maivia was counted-out and lost the match. Vega won the match by countout but did not become champion because a title cannot change hands via countout. After the match, the entire Nation attacked Maivia but Nation’s enemy Ahmed Johnson came out with a wooden board and cleared the ring.

The third match saw “Double J” Jesse James face Rockabilly. Jesse won the match when he pinned Rockabilly with a small package. The fourth match was a WWE Championship match between the champion The Undertaker and Mankind. Undertaker hit Mankind with a Tombstone Piledriver and pinned him to retain his title. He chased Paul Bearer in the ring and beat both Bearer and Mankind. He then followed by shooting a fireball into Bearer’s face. The final match was the main event of the show between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart. During the match, British Bulldog made a run-in and hit Austin with a steel chair. Austin won the match by disqualification, but Bret, Owen and Bulldog all continued to attack him. Hart got the ring bell and tried to hit Austin with it, but Austin instead cocked the bell to hit Hart. He hit a steel chair in Hart’s knee and applied Hart’s own maneuver, Sharpshooter on him until all the officials pulled him apart from Hart. Bret, Owen and Bulldog retreated from the ring while Austin celebrated his victory inside the ring.Stone Cold Steve Austin continued his feud with The Hart Foundation, which culminated in Austin and Shawn Michaels defeating Owen Hart and The British Bulldog for the WWE Tag Team Championship on the May 25, 1997 edition of Raw is War. However, Michaels was injured and they vacated the titles on the July 14 episode of Raw is War. The rivalry finally ended at In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede where Austin captained a team consisting of Ken Shamrock, Goldust and the Legion of Doom Hawk and Animal against the entire Hart Foundation in a five-on-five tag team match. Hart Foundation went on to win the match.

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