Wwe A Cold Day In Hell In Your House 15 1997.

During the Free For All pre-show Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart, the British Bulldog and Brian Pillman were interviewed backstage, claiming they bought tickets for the show to watch the Stone Cold Steve Austin match later in the night. During the PPV Ahmed Johnson faced off against all three members of the Nation of Domination in a Gauntlet match. Before the match begun WWE president Gorilla Monsoon came to ringside and ejected any member of the Nation of Domination that was not wrestling, forcing manager Clarence Mason, D-Lo Brown and others to leave ringside. Johnson pinned Crush in the first match in just over five minutes. The second match ended in a disqualification when Savio Vega hit Johnson with a chair repeatedly. The deliberate disqualification was to set Johnson up as an easy victim for NOD leader Faarooq. Faarooq faked an arm injury and then quickly attacked Johnson’s knee gaining a fast victory. The match between former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion Ken Shamrock and Vader featured mixed rules as a hybrid between wrestling and MMA that would only allow someone to win by submission or knock out. During the match Shamrock accidentally broke Vader’s nose with a series of knee strikes to Vader’s face. In the end Shamrock forced Vader to submit to an Ankle lock submission hold. The Hart Foundation made their presence known during the main event between The Undertaker and Steve Austin. At one point, when it looked like Austin was about to win, Pillman reached over and rang the bell prematurely, causing a distraction. In the end the Undertaker pinned Steve Austin, followed moments later by Neidhart, Owen Hart, Bulldog and Pillman attacking both wrestlers. Moments later Steve Austin knocked Bret Hart out of his wheel chair and then used one of Hart’s crutches as a weapon to chase all the members of the Hart Foundation off

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