Wwe Royal Rumble 1998.

This is another one of my favorite Royal Rumbles the 98 Royal Rumble. Its the one where Stone Cold Steve Austin had won it two years in a row. He had won it the year before in 1997. Then he won this Royal Rumble to make it two years in a row like Shawn Michaels did back in 95 and 1996. The Main Event was after the Royal Rumble match it was a casket match between World Heavyweight champion Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Kane’s music played and the Big Red Monster single handedly took out everyone in the ring. In the mean time Chyna and Triple H helped a visibly hurt Shawn Michaels out of the casket. Kane suddenly turned on Undertaker, punching him and chokeslamming him into the casket. Triple H and Chyna shut it, thus ending the match and allowing Michaels to retain his title.

Kane was not done, however, as Paul Bearer came to ringside and the two padlocked Undertaker inside the casket and rolled it to the top of the entrance ramp where Kane chopped holes in the casket with an axe, doused it with gasoline and set it on fire. After the show went off the air, with the casket still burning, Kane and Paul Bearer left the arena while various emergency officials extinguished the fire and Commissioner Slaughter and others tried to break open the casket to free Undertaker. However, when the casket was opened, no one was inside. Undertaker’s voice then was heard to say “Kane, until our paths cross again, I shall never rest in peace.

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