Wwe Royal Rumble 1999.

This is the second worst Royal Rumble in Wwe I think. Its the 99 Royal Rumble The Rock went one on one with Wwe champion Mankind in a I quit match for the Wwe championship on the line. The Rock was a bad guy and he was a part of Vince and Shane Mcmahons coperation at the time. The Rock beat up Mankind all the way throu the I quit match. The first worst Royal Rumble in Wwe history I think was the one in 1994. Thats the one where Lex Luger and Bret Hart both elimanated each other and no one won. The Rock had handcuffed Mankind half way throu the match and Mankind shouthed I quit three times in to the microphone then The Rock became the new Wwe Champion. Then in the Royal Rumble match Stone Cold Steve Austin was number one and Vince Mcmahon was number two. At the end of the Royal Rumble match The Rock came down to ringside to distract Stone Cold. The Rock was going to get in the ring jumped up on the apron and Vince Mcmahon came up from behind Stone Cold and eliminated him and threw him over the top rope. Vince Mcmahon was the winner of the 1999 Royal Rumble and The Rock and Stone Cold were fighting outside the ring all the way back to the dressing room while Vince Mcmahon was celebrating in the ring.

  1. Hi Bob because of the Rock vs Mankind I quit match and Mankind losing the WWE championship. And Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble and not Stone Cold which everyone thought he was going to. And because the coperation beat up Stone Cold in the showers half way throu the Royal Rumble match and Stone Cold being knocked out in the showers because the coperation beat him Stone Cold up before he came back out to the Royal Rumble match.

  2. You just type it in the box when you are on the WWE network I was watching Royal Rumble 2007 last night and Royal Rumble 1996 on Saturday night and Royal Rumble 2006 on Friday night I’ve only got Royal Rumble 2008 2012 and 2013 left and I’ve watched all the Royal Rumbles on the WWE network So just three more left. They different Royal Rumbles from different years on the wrestling.

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