Wwe Royal Rumble 2000

This is one of my favourite Royal Rumbles. It’s Royal Rumble 2000 that The Rock wins The Rock was the winner of this Royal Rumble. It was only him and The Big Show left in the Rumble match and The Rock eliminated The Big Show to win the 2000 Royal Rumble. The Rock would then go on the Wrestlemania 16 on April 2nd of that year and face The Big Show Triple H and Mick Foley in a fatal four way match for the WWE championship. Triple H was the WWE champion and they was a McMahon in every corner. Stephanie in Triple Hs corner Shane in the Big Shows corner Vince in The Rocks corner and Linder in Mick Foleys corner. Vince turned on The Rock by hitting him with a steel chair allowing Triple H to then cover The Rock one two three and becoming the new WWE champion at the end of Wrestlemania 16. But The Rock got slapped by Stephanie McMahon Helmsley before and The match was over and then The Rock Rock bottomed Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. Stephanie was out cold while Vince turned on The Rock and hit him with a steel chair.

  1. Yh thanks Bob. I don’t know any of those wrestlers they are north east wrestlers they the unknown ones but thanks anyway they not the ones from the tv. Appreciate it thanks.

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