Wwe Royal Rumble 2004.

This is the 04 Royal Rumble I like this Royal Rumble. On this Royal Rumble Triple H puts the World Heavyweight championship on the line when he goes one on one with former best friend HBK the Heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels in a last man standing match. Triple H had beat Shawn Michaels in the last man standing match and retained the World Heavyweight championship. Chris Benoit was the first entry in the Royal Rumble match he drew number one and went all the through and won it. Chris Benoit and The Big Show were the only two men left in the Royal Rumble match and Chris Benoit went all sixty minutes and won the 2004 Royal Rumble match by eliminating The Big Show. Chris Benoit would then go on to face Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a triple threat match two months later on March 14th of that year at Wrestlemania 20 Chris Benoit would then beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the triple threat match where Triple H would then tap out to Chris Benoits crippler crossface.

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