wwe Backlash 2003

Wwe Backlash 2003.

This is one of my favorite Wwe pay per views from 03. Its Wwe Backlash 2003. The main event is The Rock vs Goldberg this Backlash was on Sunday April 27th 2003. Goldberg speared The Rock and then did his finishing move the Jackhammer on The Rock and pinned him one two three to win the match. A couple weeks earlier The Rock was doing his The Rock concert on RAW until Goldberg came in to the arena and walked out to the ring when his entrance music came on and said to The Rock so Rock you wanna know whose next and then shouted YOUR NEXT. Then Goldberg speared The Rock and walked out the ring at the end of that episode of RAW and the crowd went crazy they loved it. That then led up to they match at Backlash.

  1. Hi Bob it was a really good match The Rock wasn’t taking Goldberg seriously he kept mocking Goldberg when he was fighting him thinking he could beat Goldberg looking past him but Goldberg beat him it was a really good pay per view.

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