day 2003

Wwe Judgment Day 2003.

This is also one of my favorite wrestling pay per views. Its Wwe Judgment Day 2003 its from May 03. In the main event on this Wwe 2003 pay per view Brock Lesnar puts the Wwe undisputed championship on the line in a stretcher match against The Big Show. The Big Show and Brock Lesnar were battling it out all the way through the match. It was the second stretcher match in Wwe. At the end of the match Brock Lesnar went to the back stage when the Big Show was on the stretcher match after Brock Lesnar had put him on it. Brock Lesnar drove back out to the arena in a forklift and drove it straight to the ring. Then Brock Lesnar dove off the Forklift onto Big Show and performed an F5 on Big Show, allowing Lesnar to place Big Show on a Stretcher. Lesnar used the Forklift to drive Big Show across the Yellow Line to win the match and retain the Wwe Undisputed championship. Then Brock Lesnar was standing on top of the Forklift holding his Wwe Undisputed championship in the air laughing to close the show and to end Judgement Day.

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