Bad Blood 2003

Wwe Bad Blood 2003.

This is another one of my favorite 2003 pay per views it was on Sunday June 15th 03. Wwe Bad Blood 2003. The main event is Wwe World Heavyweight champion Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The special guest referee is Mick Foley During the beginning of the match, both wrestlers used a steel chair, a hammer, and the steel cage to their advantage. Eventually, Kevin Nash hit Triple H with a barbed wire bat several times before Triple H was able to hit him with the steel steps. As Triple H brought a sledgehammer into the ring, Mick Foley attempted to take the object away from him, resulting in Triple hitting Mick Foley and Kevin Nash with a steel chair. Triple H followed up by performing the Pedigree on Kevin Nash. During this time Mick Foley had recuperated and was able to officiate the pinfall made by Triple H on Kevin Nash. Triple H retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

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