Wwe Bad Blood 2004.

I like this Bad Blood pay per view to its the third Wwe Bad Blood pay per view and it was on Sunday June 13th 2004. The main event is the two former best friends Shawn Michael’s and Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match. The match began with Michaels delivering a Thesz Press and slamming Triple H into the cell wall, resulting in Triple H bleeding. Triple H got the advantage, as he was able to counter a piledriver and performed a back body drop on Michaels. Another attack saw Triple H hit Michaels with the steel steps, which resulted in Michaels bleeding. A spot in the match saw Michaels lay Triple H on a table, as he climbed onto a ladder that he took out from under the ring and performed a diving elbow drop onto Triple H through the table. Afterwards Triple H gained the advantage and performed his finishing move the Pedigree on Michaels for the win. After the match Michaels was given a standing ovation by the audience to end Bad Blood. The featured preliminary match was for the World Heavyweight Championship in which Chris Benoit defended the championship against Kane. Benoit started the match by delivering chops to Kane. Mid-way in the match, Benoit charged towards Kane, but Kane delivered a sidewalk slam and tossed him over the top rope to the arena floor. Kane then stepped out of the ring and grabbed Benoit to launch him into the ring post, but Benoit was able to reverse Kane’s attack, and slammed him into the ring post. After blocking a Crippler crossface attempt, Kane chokeslammed Benoit for a near-fall. The match concluded when Kane attempted a flying clothesline but Benoit countered it with the Crippler crossface, which Kane fought out of. Benoit rolled Kane up in a pin to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

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