insurrextion 2003

Wwe Insurrextion 2003.

This is my favorite Wwe Insurrextion pay per view. It was on Saturday 7th June 2003. It was Live from the Newcastle metro radio arena in Newcastle. Back then it was called the Newcastle arena. I went to see this pay per view with my brother it was on when I was sixteen and I was in my last year at Southlands school in year eleven. I went to see it two weeks before I left Southlands. We had pretty good seats right at the back looking straight at the ring and we were able to see the two screens that were right at the back at the entrance. The main event was World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a street fight the two former best friends. Both men were fighting each other all the way thru the match. Triple H hit Kevin Nash with the sledgehammer and knocked Kevin Nash out cold Triple H then went over and pinned Kevin Nash one two three and won the match and retained the World Heavyweight Championship. I think the whole Insurrextion 03 pay per view was really good. I still do think its really good to I think the whole of Wwe Insurrextion 2003 is really good.

  1. Hi Mart, what is a sledgehammer hit? There is also mention of a street fight, is this the same as a ordinary wrestling match?

  2. Hi Bob yh it was a street fight is where they can go outside the ring and falls count anywhere that’s when the wrestlers can pin the other wrestlers one two theee anyway away from the ring.

  3. Hi Mart, The reason I asked the question about injuries to the audience is the insurance cover by WWE must be extremely costly to cover events such as this?

  4. Hi Mart, Yes, I can understand that the organizers would take responsibility. I must say that injury must be a possibility if things got out of hand outside of the ring.

  5. I suppose a lot of spectator sports have an element of danger. For example, TT Racing, if a motor cyclist crashed into the crowds!

  6. Yh I know what you mean Bob a racer died on the racetrack last year on the F1 because he was on his motorcycle and he was driving to fast.

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