R. I. P. Lorna. X

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This is another family member who I was also very close to and who I’m sitting with on the photo. The photo was took in my granddads house in his living room in his bungalow. This was my granddads partner Lorna. This photo was taking in January 2002 when I was only fifteen and I was in year ten at Southlands school. Lorna was always very good to me and my brother Dan when we were little. Lorna died on th 6th 2009 she died of lung cancer. Just seven years after this photo was taken. I use to go down to my granddad Lornas house every other Monday for two boiled eggs for my lunch through the year from the back end of 2005 when I was nineteen to September 09 when I was twenty three because I started the Princes Trust then. It was through my time on the Princes Trust when I was twenty three that Lorna became ill with lung cancer. She became ill in the August of 2009 then she got even more iller at the back end of that same year. By Christmas in December the hospital bed had to be moved in to my granddads living room in his bungalow. Lorna had to be in the hospital bed in the house because of House much she was dying. On Sunday the 6th December 09 Lorna passed away in the hospital in hers and my granddads house. Lorna I love you miss you to and really wish that you were still here to. And I know how you also would of been so interested in all the work that I do at the NTDF to. You also took a lot of interest in my volunteering and I know how much you would of been so interested in me teaching carpet bowls and teaching the carpet bowls session every Monday at the Shiremoor centre. I really miss talking to you on the phone every other Wednesday and every other Sunday when I ring my granddad up for a chat. I really wish I could say can I talk to Lorna every time I’m on the phone. I really miss speaking to you on the phone to Lorna. Lorna I love you miss you and I’m also always thinking about you to. This blog is for you Lorna. Love Mart. X

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