Wwe Baron Corbin End of Days Lone Wolf logo.

This is Baron Corbins logo its a part of his entrance video when he walks out to the ring and dose his entrance and the whole arena goes red. I love it I think its really good Baron Corbin has became my favourite wrestler he’s really good and his finishing move is called the end of days. That’s really good to its a really good finishing move of his. I have Baron Corbins entrance song Superhuman for my ringtone that I have had on for two weeks now and I downloaded his Superhuman song on I tunes on my computer last Thursday to. It sounds really good on my I pod and when I listen to the song on my Dre beat headphones and I have them on dead loud to. His Superhuman song sounds really good on my docking station when I listen to his Superhuman theme song on my I pod on my docking station to. When someone rings me on my mobile and my Baron Corbin Superhuman theme goes off on my I phone it sounds class it really dose sound really good. I’m going it as my ringtone on my I phone for good ill never go off Baron Corbin. He was really good when he was in NXT and Breaking Ground and he is still really good now on Smackdown. Baron Corbin also won the Andre the Giant memorial battle Royal at Wrestlemania 31 2015 two years ago to and won The Andre the Giant trophy to. I like the fact how he’s a heel which is a bad guy and he’s a big bad guy top star now and he dose not like people or like any of the Wwe fans and dose not care what people think of him and I’m hoping he will be Wwe champion on Smackdown one day in the future to.

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