turn back time

Aqua. Turn Back Time from 1998.

I love this song from 98 it was released 18th May 1998. I was only eleven years old when the song was out and I was in my last year at Glebe school I was nearly leaving Glebe school I would of left two months later in July for the summer holidays to just before I started Southlands school. I have this song Turn Back Time by Aqua from 98 May 1998 on my I pod I have always loved the song to I sometimes listen to it on my I pod on my docking station to.

  1. Hi Bob they are a really old group from the late 90s to 2000 when I was younger. The girl with the black hair was the lead singer of the group they started signing in 97 twenty years ago.

  2. What you might call ‘easing off the gas’. I suspect some singers and musicians experience ‘burn-out’ at an earlier age. I suspect this is because they are continuously on the go!

  3. Yh I think it is Bob it’s also because I think no one wants to see them anymore or because they bring really good songs out to start with then they bring really crap rubbish songs out years later like what Britney Spears did. That’s what what she did when I was younger. she brought out really good songs 1999 2000 then like in 2001 2002 she brought crap terrible songs out.

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