Eternal. I wanna be the only one from 1997.

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This is the other Eternal I wanna be the only one album from 97. Its the greatest hits that I have on my I pod on my docking station to its the original of I wanna be the only one. Its the same song but a different version its the original from May 1997.

  1. Hi Mart, I remember this one at least. I was based in Hexam than and used to have the radio on while on call at night. This was played often.

  2. That’s very interesting Bob I never knew that until you told me now I was only ten years old and still in my original year at Glebe School to Bob when I was still really young to.

  3. This is one of my fav groups of all time. Stay was a good one and loads of good dance tunes on the CD. Lead singer had a FAB voice and great range. Wonder what happened to her??

    • I wonder if they are still making music? Can’t recall any new releases, although 1997 was a long time ago, at least in terms of music making!

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