end of days

Wwe Baron Corbin End Of Days Lone Wolf.

This is the wrestler who I really like his name is Baron Corbin and his nick name is The Lone Wolf. I think his finishing move the End Of Days is really good to he is my favorite wrestler I love his entrance song SuperHuman its really good I have it on my I pod I listen to it all the the time on my Docking Station and I have his theme song SuperHuman for my ringtone to for when everyone rings me to. Its really good when someone rings me and it goes off its class. He is a heel in Wwe which is a bad guy. His finishing move The End Of Days is really good. Its a really good finishing move. He had a match against Kalisto at the Metro radio arena last November when I was they watching it and Baron Corbin did his entrance first and after his entrance song SuperHuman theme song went off and he was waiting in the ring and Kalisto came out and did his entrance and jumped over the ropes jumped in to the ring and Baron Corbin ran up to and close lined him threw him outside of the ring. beat him up took him back inside the ring and did the End Of Days on him and pinned him one two three and won the match. The match only went on for a few minutes before Corbin beat Kalisto hit him with the End Of Days and pinned him one two three to win the match.I think the match only lasted about two or three minutes Kalisto was lying in the ring knocked out for a couple of minutes when Baron Corbin was walking back to the locker room after the match and stormed through the back stage and to the dressing room and Kalisto got back up after being knocked out from the End Of Days by Baron Corbin in the middle of the ring and his Lucha Lucha theme song came on and he walked to the back stage to after being beat by Baron Corbin. It was really funny at the time I thought. Me and my brother and these other lads sitting behind us were all laughing our heads off it was so funny. We were laughing all the way through the match it was so funny we were all killing our self’s laughing and even when the match was over and finished to and when Baron Corbin beat Kalisto and hit him with the End Of Days and pinned him one two three and the whole arena turned black and red again and Baron Corbins theme song SuperHuman came back on after he won the match.

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