1. You must be a really good fan of Scooby Doo/ On Wednesday morning at the shop, Tom had just bought some DVD’s of Scooby Doo. There might be some episodes in the shop?

  2. Cool. Yh I’ve always been a fan since my granddad lee was alive Bob my grandma and granddad use to Record Scooby Doo episodes for me and Dan when we were little and we use to go to they house where my grandma still lives now.

  3. Yh it was Bob ages before I was born I remember a lot of them from when I was little and when I was very young and still at Glebe school.

  4. Is it still on TV today? Did you know I have the full box set of Top Cat? It ran, I think, from late 1960’s up until mid 1970. It featured a cartoon character called Office Dibble, he was my favorite character.

  5. Yh me and my brother watched that when we were little to it use to be on Cartoon Network when we were younger I didn’t no that Bob you had the full boxset of Top Cat.

  6. Hi, Yes , the Top Cat are the original series, which I am old are collectors items, so probably worth something? I’ll need to check out.

  7. Hi mart, Yes the first full series of 30 episodes were all done in black & white. However, the color gives a historical feel to it.

  8. I suspect they call it ‘inflammation’ Ha Ha!, where money in peoples pockets is less, but the price of things in the shops goes up.

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