1. Spent a great couple of hours at Cullercoats Family history centre talking to other volunteers and members of the public.They came into do some research on family members or the local area.
    Many were very knowledgable and had been researching for many years. One gentleman talked of his grandfather who was a Northumberland Fusilier and died in Belgium during the WW1.
    I was intrigued by the Fisherwomen of Cullercoats and a full history was available to read of their hardships and interestingly how they were expected to marry within the village as the women were trained in identifying the best bait and where the best pickings were for their menfolk who fished for their livelihood.
    If women or girls were thought to be choosing someone from outside the village to marry it was frowned upon, and they were accused of being disloyal to the village and the worry was they would lose their way of life if the skills were not handed down.

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