1. Hi Bob no I just watch the pay per views the next day on the Monday afternoon or sometimes Monday night depending where I am and what I’m doing I don’t stay up and watch them anymore like I did for years when I was still at Southlands and I was still a lot younger. I really liked to stay up and watch the wrestling the pay per views with my brother Dan when I was sixteen and I was in year eleven in my last year at Southlands but now I’m not bothered about doing that now that I’m a lot older and getting to old to stay up until 4.00 now and I can’t do it anymore because I just fall asleep through the night haha.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean, I used to, until relatively recently, work until 12.30 am and get back to work for 6.30 am the following morning – Not a long time for a proper sleep!

  3. Yh I know. I know what you mean Bob I would love to just sleep in the car early in the morning while you were driving home on way back from work you driving and me just sitting they sleeping after you have finished your shift at the hospital.

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