wrestlemania 28

Wwe Wrestlemania 28 2012.

This is another one of my favourite Wrestlemanias its Wrestlemania 28 2012. The Undertaker was facing Triple H in a Hell in a Cell and Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee. It was a rematch from the year before the Wrestlemania the year before between The Undertaker and Triple H where The Undertaker beat Triple H with his submission move Hells gate and The Undertaker could not walk out of the ring on his own power and he had to be driven off on a little car by the referees. The Undertaker was then 19 – 0 at Wrestlemania 27 2011 when he beat Triple H At Wrestlemania 28 2012 the year after in the rematch The Undertaker became 20 – 0 after he beat Triple H all three men The Undertaker Triple H and Shawn Michael’s all walked back to the top of the stage hugging each other and with they arms round each other while the Wwe universe stood up and cheered and gave a standing round of applause. The Main Event was a once in a lifetime match John Cena vs The Rock The Rock beat John Cena with The Rock Bottom and the peoples elbow to win the match.

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