wwe-wrestlemania-25 2009

Wwe Wrestlemania 25 2009.

This is another one of my favourite Wrestlemanias to. Its Wwe Wrestlemania 25 2009. The Undertaker went one on one with Shawn Michael’s second to last which is just before the main event. The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels with his finishing move the Tombstone Pile driver and pinned him one two three to win the match and become 17 – 0 at Wrestlemania. The main event was Wwe Champion Triple H vs Randy Orton. The last match of the event was for the WWE Championship; the match was contested between the champion, Triple H, and Randy Orton. As per a pre-match stipulation by Vickie Guerrero, if Triple H had been disqualified or had been counted out during the match, he would have lost the title to Orton. The champion had his signature weapon, the sledgehammer, in hand only to relinquish it prior to entering the ring by throwing it through a glass wall. Early in the match, Triple H did everything in his power to hurt Orton without being disqualified in the process. Orton performed a Back Body Drop to Triple H onto the Spanish announce table. At one point, Orton threw Triple H to a turnbuckle where the referee was standing, causing him to collide, and knocked out the referee. After executing an RKO on Triple H, Orton tried to gain more advantage and went out of the ring to pick up Triple H’s signature weapon, the sledgehammer. As Orton made his way back to the ring, Triple H delivered a punt kick to Orton. Triple H took his sledgehammer from Orton, hit him with it and executed the Pedigree to retain the WWE Championship.

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