Wwe Wrestlemania 22 2006.

I really like this Wrestlemania to. Its Wwe Wrestlemania 22 2006. The Undertaker went one on one with The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry in a casket match. The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry Tombstone pile drove him and pushed him in to the casket to win the match and become 14 – 0 at Wrestlemania. The Main Event was John Cena vs Wwe Champion Triple H In the main event, John Cena defended his WWE Championship against Triple H. Triple H came out to the ring on a throne dressed as a Conan-type king, while Cena came out with a tommy gun and was accompanied by a group of “gangsters” one of which was future WWE Champion and Chicago native CM Punk, who had recently signed with WWE and, at the time, was performing with Ohio Valley Wrestling in a 1940s Chicago-era vehicle. The match was evenly matched with both men getting the advantage over each other. Triple H tried a Pedigree, but Cena countered with an FU for a near fall. Cena applied the STF but Triple H reached the ropes. Triple H tried another Pedigree, but was countered into the STF again by Cena, to which Triple H submitted, meaning Cena retained the WWE Championship. Cena posed in the ring to a chorus of jeers from the crowd.

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