Wwe Armageddon 2006.

This is another one of favourite Wwe Armageddon pay per views. Its Wwe Armageddon 2006 and I am going to watch it on the Wwe network sometime to. Kane went one on one with MVP Montel Vontavious Porter in a inferno match where they is fire all around the ring and whoever sets fire on they opponent wins the match and Kane set MVP on fire and Kane won the match. The Undertaker defeated Mr Kennedy in a last ride match where you have to put your opponent in the back of the funeral car and drive him past the white line next to the entrance. The Main Event was a tag team match. King Booker and Finlay vs John Cena and Batista. Batista wrestled the match with his left arm taped up due to a previous injury. Both teams wrestlers inconclusively until Cena applied the STFU on Booker. Finlay broke the submission hold, and The Hornswoggle ran into the ring. Hornswoggle attempted to kick Cena, but accidentally kicked himself in his head when Cena moved out of the way. Then, Booker tried to superkick Batista, but Batista moved out of the way, and Booker accidentally hit Finlay. Batista then delivered a Batista Bomb and pinned Booker to earn the victory for his team.

  1. Yh it’s really good Bob I think they the two best WWE Armageddon pay per views 06 and 2005 I was only nineteen when Armageddon 2005 was on and I was only twenty when Armageddon 2006 was on.

  2. Does WWE also publish a magazine or something like it, where you can become a member. It might mean you can get discounts?

  3. No Bob I never get the magazines now haven’t got them since I was eighteen last wrestling magazines I got would of been August 2004 for my 18th.

  4. I think the price has probably gone up through the years Bob I’m not that bothered about getting them anymore anyway I haven’t got them for years.

  5. Yh the magazines will still be going I think Bob they will be loads of money the WWE programmes at the arena when the wrestlers are they like tomorrow night the programmes are a right rip off they are £20 I use to get them when I was younger but not now as I’ve gotten older especially with that price putting it up to that. £20 I think it’s very wrong and a right rip off.

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