Wwe My Name Is Paul Heyman.

I am going to watch this on the WWE network sometime it’s one of my favourite documentaries it was filmed in 2014 three years ago. It’s the Paul Heyman documentary and it’s called My Name Is Paul Heyman. It’s on for 1 hour 59 minutes just under 2 hours a minute under 2 hours. It’s all about how Paul Heyman started out in wrestling as a manager in WCW in AWA then in WWE and ECW he sits down and talking all about his wrestling experiences from when he was a child to becoming a buisness man and becoming really rich.

  1. Yh he is Bob he’s been retired for years he use to wrestle now and again he use to be the owner of ECW he’s now a promoter to and he’s a millionaire he was also on the wrestling when I was little and he use to be in WCW as Paul E Dangerously when I was little.

  2. Extreme Championship Wrestling Bob. I was watching my name is Paul Heyman last night on the WWE network to it is really good as I’ve seen it a couple of times before twice before I think.

  3. Yh they hit each other with weapons and set each other on fire and it’s more violent than what WWE normally is it’s really good.

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