Wwe NXT 2017.

I thought NXT was really good when I watched yesterday afternoon it was on the Wwe network on Wednesday night but I was watching yesterday afternoon. Asuka defeated Nikki Cross in the last women’s standing match and retained the NXT women’s Championship. It was the Main Event of NXT I thought it was really good. Asuka got to her feet just before the count of ten and was able to retain the NXT women’s Championship it was really good.

  1. It must be a bit defensive for the men if their female partner is getting beat up. In the armed forces they use this as an example where men will risk their lives for a female soldier, which they would not if it was a male!

  2. Are I see what you mean. I know what you mean I thinks rubbish really when it’s a mixed tag team match and the women have to fight the women and the men have to fight the men they have to tag out and the women has to wrestle another women if a man is in the ring or if the man is already in the ring the women has to tag out and another man wrestler has to come in to the ring and fight the man wrestler.

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