WCW nwo Black and White.

This use to be my favourite wrestling group back in WCW when I was younger it stands for new world order. It was the nwo Black and White. The leader was Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the boss was Eric Bischoff it had been a wrestling Faction from May 1996 until January 2000 I think it was. I think anyway I can’t remember it was on the wrestling years ago when I was really young. They use to go round wearing t shirts with the same nwo picture on the front of they t shirts that’s on my blog they use to go round beating people up getting down on the ground knocking other wrestlers out spray painting the letters nwo 4 life and sometimes just nwo on they backs in the middle of the ring. I use to think it was really funny they tried to get other good guy wrestlers to join the group and if they didn’t or refused they would do the same thing to them haha.

  1. No Bob hahaha just the wrestlers that they beat up it was all apart of the WCW nwo storylines on the wrestling but the fans use to love to hate them they were a bad guy group.

  2. It’s ok Bob I know you wouldn’t no with not watching wrestling I was just pitchering the whole nwo Black and White faction beating up the fans they would get done haha. I just found it really funny thinking that.

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