Question Time 2017.

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I cant wait to watch Question Time from last Thursday I haven’t even watched it yet. It was on last Thursday its the last one it was the last one last week. It was the last Question Time until it comes back on at the back end of this year I think its in October that it comes back on the TV. I know I am not really suppose to put anything political on weevl but I am not writing anything political on my blog here on weevl just about how much I really like watching the programme on BBC 1.

  1. Hi Mart. Your blog is not political. You are just suggesting watch what is happening in current affairs. Well done for understanding the use of political expression.

  2. Thanks very much Bob I was just making sure it was ok and that I wasn’t doing the same thing that Tom had been doing on his blogs on here haha thanks for letting me know.

  3. Yh I have Bob one guy in the audience asked why dose everybody have to go to University when they is things going on here the guy in the crowd said he thinks that’s what the problem is with costs going up and people go to university and leave they and end up doing nothing and it ends up being a complete waste of time. And David agreed he didn’t know he said maybe it is. That’s what the big question was at the end of the programme I Bob agree to. I was watching it last Friday afternoon when I came home from the Shiremoor centre Bob.

  4. Hi mart, The guy has a point. When I went to University there was only a few who did do a degree, it was normal for people leaving school to go straight into a job, and that was because there were plenty of job vacancies. Today, those out of school immediately go to University to avoid the dole Que!

  5. Just about everyone goes to university, if they can, because there are no jobs available. Yet, most students end up with a large debt because those funds have to be repaid to the institution.

  6. Yh I know what you mean Bob some people have no choice I think. Some people want to and they end up with absolutely nothing like these two other girls who I use to know at Red Cross Bob.

  7. Hi Bob I’m just talking about these two girls who use to volunteer at Red Cross one was called Lucy the other one was called Catherine they were just these two pain in the arses at Red Cross who met at Red Cross and Lucy was at university ten years ago and Catherine was still at university but they separately thought they were better then everybody else they just weren’t very nice girls and both of them weren’t that nice to me four years ago after Eric died to. Just the total opposite to what we are all like at the NTDF Bob the total and utter opposite to all the really nice people like you me Marc Simon Candy Amy Cragon Cerrie Cragon my cousins Kelly Emma Alice Josh and Jacob who were at Emma’s wedding. Everybody who I’m close friends with Bob I’m really glad I never see them anymore.

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