Emmerdale 2017.

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I think Emmerdale was really good last night it has been boring the last couple of weeks these last two weeks. But it was really good last night with Aaron and Robert and they gay break up last nights episode was really good because Aaron who is on the left dose not want to have anything to do with Robert anymore Robert is on the right. The discovery was evidence that Robert had lied to his partner when he’d claimed not to have witnessed the scan a revelation that sent Aaron into a violent rage. Shock scenes saw Aaron rugby tackle Robert to the ground after throwing a wrench into the windscreen of his car. Later on in the episode Aaron was forced to seek medical help after cuts from where he’d self harmed himself ended up bleeding in the aftermath of the fight. After being discharged from hospital with antibiotics Aaron had a heart to heart with Robert and told him he wouldn’t now be going to Ireland and that the relationship wasn’t worth the distress and trauma that came along with it.
Fans were then left with the sight of Aaron telling Robert to leave after he handed over his wedding ring and gave him a parting kiss on the cheek. Robert did indeed in fact leave they house and left Aaron alone and Robert left in tears crying walked out the door and Aaron was standing in the house crying it was really sad and very upsetting. The episode ended with Aaron standing in the house all upset and crying to standing they a little bit in tears so I cant wait to see what’s going to happen on it on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale. I am sorry for doing a really upsetting and depressing blog on weevl I am sorry to write a very depressing blog on here about a really depressing storyline on Emmerdale at the minute but I do really like Emmerdale and love watching it hahaha lol.

  1. Yep, I just walked in to see this female patient and their she was watching the very same episode – Uncanny don’t you think?

  2. Yh that’s really funny Bob total coincidence that I’ve done a blog about that particular Emmerdale storyline and the patient was watching it at the hospital the same episode from last Thursday that I blogged about on here last Friday I can’t believe that Lyke hahaha we will have to talk about that on Wednesday at the shop Bob when I come in haha.

  3. I think we should keep a diary of coincidences and then see how many times it happens. You never know, we may discover something new about life?

  4. By keeping a memory of what happens that links to actions elsewhere are by chance encounters, just like the episode relating to Emmerdale.

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