photo 1 Peebles

Peebles August 2017.

This is me next to the lake on my birthday holiday in Peebles This is just down from the hotel that me and my dad were staying in. The name of the hotel was the Mcdonald Cardrona hotel our hotel room was very nice to and we had a picnic on the bench right here next to the lake. This photo was taking the day after my birthday just on the day after my 31st it was taking on the Wednesday.

  1. Looking good Mart! I told you earlier about Henry in Peebles, it should have been 1498 not 1598. Close tho…….Just not close enough…Ha.Ha.

  2. Yh I learned that in my last year at Southlands Bob yh I remember yh I remember learning that in year eleven before I left Southlands when I was younger when I was sixteen.

  3. I can only remember certain things about what I learned at school. However, sometimes when you get prompts such as you visiting Peebles it triggers my memory of facts.

  4. Yh I’m the same Bob it was such a long time ago that I was they at Southlands I honestly can’t remember. I think it was because I was to obsessed with what was going on in WWE at that time hahaha.

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