artist paul nash

Artist reveals bitter truth about warfare in WW1

One of the most famous war artists of the 20th Century was a officer who suffered a mental breakdown in the early 1920’s who was Paul Nash from his experiences.In 1917 following a period of sick leave at home after being hurt on the war front he returned to the war to find many of his colleagues had died at Hill 60 during the third battle of Ypres. His works reflects his anger at the desruction of the landscape but also his bitterness at the continuation of the war.In a letter to a friend in November 1917 he wrote” It is unspeakable and godless and hopeless. I am no longer an artist interested and curious. I am a messenger who will bring back word from men fighting to those who want to hear the war will last forever.Feeble inarticulate may be my message, but will have a bitter truth and may it burn their lousy souls”. Nash saw the suffering of the men contrasting against those at home who were profiting from the seemingly intractable conflict.He tried to shock the nation into understanding the reality of modern warfare and its destructive force agains nature and mankind.

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