Frank Hurley – Australian photographer and camerman

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This man took some of the most iconic and controvertial photos of WW1.
He had been on the expedition to the Antarctic in 1915 with Sir Ernest Shackleton. He famously got back on board after the ship(Endurance) began to sink to retrieve his rolls of film and the ship could have sank at any time. He was a hard uncomprimising man who did not make friends easily but he became a vital member of the team. All the men survived and joined the forces to fight in WW1.
Hurley jumped on a ship bound for Europe in time to film the battle of Ypres in rat infested trenches and appalling conditions. The Australian War department had hired him. He settled in Australia after the war then reported on WW2 later in his life, he died aged 76 in January 1962.

  1. Incredible shots which must have endangered his life obtaining? I have shared this one on Pinterest under WW1 -The Bigger Picture.

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