My Trip to Kielder By Graeme Rogers

On Sunday the 4th of October I went to Kielder with my Mam and her partner. We travelled to Kielder and back by car. When we arrived we went to the bird of prey centre. While we were we managed to see all different kinds of birds, we saw Snow Owls, Barn Owls, parrots, Kestrels and also sea birds. My Favourite kind of bird that we saw was the barn owl. After lunch we went to watch a bird show where the staff got lots of different kinds of birds out for us to have a look at. I was lucky enough to be able to put on a glove and have a hold of a Barn Owl and also a Snow Owl. Then we travelled home in the car. Once we arrived home, my mam cooked us a curry.

Published Nov 15

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