Wwe Honky Tonk Man Cool Cocky Bad.

I really love the Honky Tonk Mans old entrance theme song from the old WWE from when I was little he signs it himself and it’s called Cool Cocky Bad I really love the song I think it’s really good and it’s also from the WWE album that came out and was released back on November 12th 2002 when I was sixteen and in year eleven at Southlands school when I was in my last year at Southlands. But I bought it in Morrisons in January 2003 the year after. It’s a three disc set but The Honky Tonk Man Cool Cocky Bad is on the first CD which is called The Federation years. I love the song and I always listen to it on my iPod on my docking station in my bedroom at night when I am getting ready to go in to the shower.

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