Majorca / Alcudia.

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I loved going here with my mum and Sam and my brother Dan when I was only twelve years old and Dan was only fourteen and I was twelve. It brings back memory’s looking at this picture of it we stayed in this hotel next to this swimming pool back in August 1999. Me and Dan both had dyed blonde hair at the time which we had all through that summer I really loved it here the pool was good and they was a night time disco to. I remember I felt really upset when we left because I had such a good time they it was really good I went they just after I was in year seven at Southlands school and just before I went in to year eight at Southlands school to.

  1. I am going to check it now Bob hopefully this will work. I would love to go back to Majorca / Alcudia again to Bob. I think I would be really happy to go back they sometime but also at the same time I think I would be feeling a little bit sad emotional and bit upset because I would be thinking to myself me and Dan were only twelve and fourteen at the time and we were so young and I would be thinking of Sam to because he was really canny when me and Dan were younger and the fact because he was they with us to.

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