Never Hurt Those People About Whom You Care A Lot.

This is so me as a person I would never say anything to anyone or anybody to hurt them or upset them I don,t understand people who say things to hurt other people and really upset people. When I was at Southlands school back in year ten and year eleven when I was only fifteen then sixteen years old when I was younger we were always that if you haven’t got anything nice to say to anybody don,t say it at all. I really do not like very hurtful people at all. Its better to be an understandable person then a hurtful person it really is.

  1. Thanks Bob. Yh life is too short to be horrible it’s much better just being nice and really nice to everybody and the world would be a much better place if everyone was to.

    • Hi Mart, This is the kind of stuff that should go into Marc’s Good News Monthly. I notice he hasn’t submitted anything for a while?

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