Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement Episode.

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I use to love watching this episode of Goosebumps when I was little I got it for my 11th birthday in August 1997 and I have had it all that time. I think its really good the episode is from the year before 96. Its about a brother and sister who live with they mum and dad but the mum has gone and visited her sister who isn’t well so the brother Casey and the sister Margret stay with they dad who they realize is a plant. He is very nasty to them he eats plant food and at the end of the episode Casey and Margret are down at the basement with the real dad and the fake dad who is the plant comes in and lies and says he was the one of gave you the food and the one who has Meres locked up away in the other cupboard and the real dad is telling the truth and says he has Meres locked away in the other cupboard and the fake plant dad keeps on lying and the real dad calls Margret princess and then Margret goes and sprays the plant spray on the plant dad. Casey turns around to Margret and says how did you know and Margret says they,s only one person that calls me princess and that,s my real dad. At the end of the episode they is a bit of real life where Margret and Casey and the actors who played the mum and dad are standing round talking about it and the dad explains how he got the green in to his skin and the then the dad says to the mum Margret and Casey green plants and lobsters for dinner no I am just kidding hamburgers for everybody Then it goes back to the storyline Margret says ill bee right they she fastens her shoe lasers and a bunch of plants say Margret Im your father no I am your father no I am and she runs in the house and that,s how the Stay Out Of The Basement episode ends.

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