Only Fools and Horses Its Only Rock And Roll Episode.

I really like this Only Fools And Horses episode its one of my favorite Only Fools And Horses episodes. Its from 85 and the episode is from 14th March 1985 that is when the episode was released. This is the episode where Rodney joins the band called The Bunch of Wallies the episode was on before I was born and my brother Dan would of been just two months old. On this Only Fools And Horses episode Rodney wants to join the band The Bunch Of Wallies and Del Boy keeps telling Rodney that they will never be number one and they do and Rodney was furious at Del Boy because Rodney drops out of the band and listens to Del Boy to much the episode is really funny and its one of my favorite Only Fools And Horses episodes to I really like it. Its the one where Rodney tries to be in the band. At the end of the episode Del Boy sees The Bunch of Wallies on Top Of The Pops and they are number one and Del Boy turns the Television off and lies to Rodney about the television being broken when its really not and Rodney goes in to the granddads bedroom comes back out and is really upset with Del Boy and says they in the charts and is very upset with Del Boy I really like that episode its really funny.

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