Me at Alan’s Caravan In 1996.

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This is me at Alan’s caravan in April 96 when I was only nine years old. Alan was my grandmas friend who she was friends with since after my granddad Lee died. Alan had a caravan in Greenhead not far from where the Romans Wall is. I was still in class six at Glebe school when this photo was taken and it was in the Easter holidays of 1996. I miss Alan a lot he died in hospital nearly four years ago in July 2014 nearly four years ago back when I was in my late twenties twenty seven. He was like a granddad to me and Dan for years when we were younger and he was like family he died because he was just so ill a lot of the time I was very upset when he died. I still have really nice memories of going up to Alan’s caravan from when me and Dan were little and this photo of me was took just outside of Alan’s caravan. Me and Dan are with our dad at his little holiday to Alan’s caravan in Greenhead. This is me reading my Beano book outside of the caravan.

  1. Yh he is Dennis The Menace Bob and his dog is called Gnasher. Its a black dog. And yh Bob the comics have been out since 51 they debuted on March 12th 1951 Bob.

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