Me And My Brother Dan At Romans Wall At Alan’s Caravan In Greenhead In April 1996.

This is another one of my favourite photos of me and my brother Dan it’s at Romans Wall we went they twice when we went to Alan’s caravan with our dad in April 1996 in the Easter holidays of that year. This is still in Greenhead and it’s still all the same holiday. Not to be confused with a different holiday or a separate one because it’s not it really isn’t it’s not. It’s all the same holiday all the same one. It had been the first time ever that me and Dan had been up to Romans Wall ever with our dad. I remember that I really enjoyed it I use to love going up to Alan’s caravan in Greenhead as a kid even if it was for the day and I really loved his caravan and staying in it over night for a few nights with my dad and Dan when I was little to.

  1. Caravans are a delight. I remember being approximately your age, staying in a caravan, but was in Spain. Incredibly tiny, don’t know how 6 of us crammed in!

  2. Cool Bob Yh I use to love going up to GreenHead with my grandma and Alan going to Alan’s caravan with my grandma and Alan and Dan and sometimes my dad and Dan to. It was a lovely place and a very nice countryside.

    • Did you know there was a spa very close by? I think it actually was called the Spa Hotel. It was built and designed in the early part of the century for older people going for a spot of pampering!

  3. I see I don,t think that they was Bob no. I do not know where the Spa hotel is round they either I did not know that We never went to one when we were they I don,t think.

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