100 year old drivers

100 Year Old Drivers.

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I love watching this on itv its only on for half an hour 30 minutes. I really like watching it and it was on last night to its on itv and its 100 Year Old Drivers. Its where people who are really old and different grandparents think that they still know all about driving and they think that they know just more then the much younger people that are teaching them and telling them what to do when they are driving. I was watching it for half an hour last night on itv.

  1. Hi Mart, At this age it varies how alert you are, many people slow down with age. So unsure you can apply the same rule for all centenarians!

  2. Hi Bob yh I know it is really good when you watch it the old people are very slow when they are driving they cars on the series you can tell that they are slowing down you can tell when you are watching it.

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