1. Hi Bob it’s ok I understood that you were working I know that it would of been really nice to have you they and it would of been really good you being they watching the NTDF Variety Show all night to but hopefully next time you’ll be able to come hopefully at the pearl celebration at the Playhouse later on this year in September Bob hopefully you’ll be able to go to that one I’ll probably be they and hopefully I’ll be on stage this time to it was nice sitting with my dad watching it all night but it’ll be even better to be on stage with everybody else again.

    • Hi Mart, One of these days I’ll get to one. However, the important thing it provides entertainment and raises awareness of all the good things NTDF does for the community.

  2. Activity that entertains also is a great way to promote a project. Its just finding the right mix so that your mission is clearly presented……..

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