Centre Parks In Penrith The Wild Water Rapids.

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This is the Wild Water Rapits in Centre Parks its a big long slide that takes you right down to the bottom of the outside pool then you can swim right back in to the indoor swimming pool. years ago when me and my brother Dan were little they use to let everybody all go on down the wild water rapids all at once all at the same time but then they edited it and made the wild water rapids slower. I think they was more accidents through the years. It was much better when they let you all go down the wild water rapits all at the same time. Me and Dan thought it was much better when it was like that.

  1. Hi Bob Yh I know it pretty well but no not eleven times you were close it’s ten times you were just one number out but well done I know it really well now I just love it over they and I’m still not over from being they the other week I thought it was that good that I’m still really missing it and missing being over they to haha.

  2. Hi Bob yh it is it’s a really big place and they have built new lodges to the new lodges are down from Badger Wood where I have stayed six times in Centre Parks

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