The Wizard Of Oz Film From 1939.

This is one of my favorite films one of my favorite movies from 1939 it came out August 39 years before I was born. I always think about my granddads partner Lorna because I always use go down to they house ten and eleven years ago when I was twenty years old twenty one and then twenty two years old back in the back end of 2007 middle of 2008 and sit in the living room and watch The Wizard Of Oz all afternoon. I have really loved The Wizard Of Oz movie since I was a little kid.

  1. Yh I remember you were saying today Bob I love the film a lot I always think about my granddad and Lorna every time I watch with how I use to go down every other Monday to my granddad and Lornas and watch it with them before I had my boiled eggs for my dinner ten and eleven years ago when I was twenty one twenty two years old when I was younger. Brings back memories and it makes me feel a little bit sad with thinking about Lorna because I still really miss her but I still love the Wizard Of Oz and still love watching it at the same time.

    • I don’t think the producers of the film ever thought it would be so popular in the 21st century. All the characters have passed away now.

  2. Yh I thought they might of been Bob I would of thought the little dog is dead to do you know how the woman who played the witch died in real life I will google it sometime to find out I can’t do it at the minute because I’m lying in bed in my bedroom at my mums at the minute and I can’t get a signal but I’ll look sometime I just wounded if you knew.

    • Yes, The witch, I don’t know much about her in real life, but her part was very entertaining; not sure was a well known celebrity or of she had many roles in film and stage. Would be interesting to find out more and add to this blog time line.

  3. Yh it would be Bob I’ll look up some more about The Wizard Of Oz film next week on google when I come in to the shop next week next Tuesday when I am doing more blogging on Weevl.

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